14 Travel Tips For Independent Writers

The difference between slow and fast travel is how much time passes in a certain place. Just follow the rules when it comes to your tourist visa. Take a week or two in each city, or stay a month in the short term. It’s more comfortable apartments 77083 and you can really know the destination, rather than just see it. One of the not so obvious factors in the digital nomadic lifestyle is that weekday ergonomics on the go will make a big difference in your productivity.

Make sure you have your insurance wherever you are, always drink plenty of water and keep a first aid kit. As a freelancer, a sick week can greatly affect your earnings, so do your best to avoid this. As a freelance professional, you may have considered traveling at work. After all, if you can combine the experience of traveling around the world with making money, why not do that??? However, you can’t just jump, because there are a few factors to consider before packing your bag and leaving the house for the big world.

In 2014, I moved all my independent writing clients to online payment processing, because I knew I would travel a lot in the coming years. There is a misconception that self-employed people do not have to respond to anyone other than themselves. Freelancers have to work hard to chase, win and then retain reliable customers. Finding new sources of income every week is not a sustainable independent model and for many it is not profitable.

If you want to take four weeks off for holidays, holidays and illness, increase that number by 11 months. So if your annual income target is $ 40,000, that equates to $ 3,636 per month before tax. If you need $ 60,000 a year to live comfortably, you need to raise $ 5,455 a month. If your annual income target is $ 80,000, you must earn approximately $ 7,272 per month for 11 months per year. Especially for laptop workers it is tempting to pick up some local work along the way. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, this is often very difficult.

It is a life that I do not recognize as something that comes close to the reality of those led by many friends of mine who are independent travel writers. For me, the freelancer is a wandering gentleman, the leaderless samurai, a solo shooter and usually my hero. Sarah Li Cain of Careful Centers proposes to get a VPN for all traveling freelancers. That means Virtual Private Network and it works to mask your real IP address to give you access to websites that may be banned or blocked in certain countries. This is critical for freelance writers using Google and other websites, many of which are banned in Asia, to research their work.

Finally, write down all offline tasks to be completed. In the case of independent writing, you may need to brainstorm, research without a web or actually write. Since Internet access will be limited during the trip, you should perform these tasks as long as you have some free time at hand, such as on the plane.


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