Reasons Why Odoo Is The Best ERP For Small & Medium Level Businesses

Sustainable technological developments have caused a sea of changes in the IT market. Almost all companies try to keep up with these updated trends. Their main motivation is to remain competitive, achieve high results in search and perform business operations efficiently and easily. Today, ERP has become a must for small businesses to perform their day-to-day tasks with a single integrated suite of applications, such as the ERP system.

Odoo’s resource planning system is one of the most important tools for managing a core business of small and medium-sized businesses. This is achieved through rationalization and automation. The modular structure of its operations supports all aspects – from fulfillment of orders, production management, inventory and warehouse management, sales and purchase tracking, shipping tracking, inventory management, finances, etc.

However, one of the best things about using ERP for small businesses is that all of these functions and tasks are done with a single control panel with built-in analytics and data sharing features. This further contributes to cooperation and harmony between all departments of the company.

What numbers?

Now that several available ERP solutions are available, small businesses are also using them for their rapid and gradual growth. The data below show a lot –

About 53% of small businesses today prefer the ERP solution combined with CRM as a priority investment.
According to the study, 65% of small and medium-sized enterprises already use ERP consulting services.
Ninety-six per cent of developing small businesses that thrive in their industries rely on an ERP solution.
Small businesses using ERP software can now make 36% less time.

Small and medium-sized enterprises that currently work with reliable ERP service providers have been shown to save 21% of their time doing business.
The ERP software solution is implemented and integrated into every department of the company, regardless of size and category. Implementing and integrating the ERP software solution requires careful and strategic planning to minimize the risk of failure to complete a job and ensure that every business goal is adequately achieved.

But the process of successful implementation of ERP requires the efforts and experience of reliable ERP consultants. Successful implementation of ERP is possible after a standardized integration scheme and the involvement of ERP experts. Any business, regardless of its small or medium level, can achieve real-time ROI through the strategic and properly executed implementation of a universal and popular ERP software solution such as Odoo.

Odoo: the perfect choice for small businesses

Odoo is now the preferred ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with reliable and intuitive features that small and medium-sized businesses can use to manage a variety of industries such as manufacturing, retail, trading, etc.

Odoo ERP is an open source flexible system and is customizable to the needs of the business and the workflow. A well-structured methodology provides updated software solutions that meet business goals and meet their goals to achieve maximum performance. Also

Small and medium-sized businesses also need a powerful customer relationship management system, and this is where Odoo comes to the rescue. With its built-in module, it retains the ability to immediately resolve customer requests and provide maximum customer satisfaction and retention.

You need to integrate and implement ERP into your business system to improve efficiency and productivity. ERP, such as Odoo, will take you to the top of success, opening up more opportunities for futuristic growth and expansion. Small businesses take a step forward by supporting this suite of applications, so the benefits of Odoo ERP are undeniable.

Odoo: a one-size-fits-all solution

So what makes Odoo the best ERP choice for small businesses? The answer is modularity, availability, ease of use, flexibility and accessibility. Your business, even if it is small in size, can easily implement this ERP.

As an open source software Odoo has a slim interface that gives you complete control over business processes and thus manages your business system and workflow. If you compare Odoo with other ERP variants available today, you’ll find that it’s undoubtedly rich in features and features.

Here are the main reasons why Odoo is the best ERP for small businesses to date.

Extensive and consistent app
All businesses operate on a separate set of activities, such as accounting, customer relationship management, sales and purchase orders tracking, HR management, warehouse management, etc.
For small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford such huge investments, they rely on multiple vendors and software solutions to support these operations. But with Odoo ERP software, these small businesses now have many advantages. With a variety of features, apps, and modules, it stands out as the best choice when everyone is on the same platform.

Odoo comes with thousands of modules and a full suite of applications for all activities. This ERP includes various modules such as the inventory module, the CRM module, the accounting module, the personnel module, the production module and others, for almost all business processes. The Odoo app store includes thousands of applications for a variety of small and medium-sized businesses.

Extremely profitable
Investment or value factor is always a problem for any small and medium-sized business. Because of the limited budget, SMEs often ignore the need to implement ERP. ERP software solutions such as SAP, ERPNext, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics are hugely expensive. But by contrast, Odoo optimizes business processes and meets almost all basic business requirements at affordable prices.


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