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A tourist visiting Cebu for the first time 比堅尼香港 may well be deterred by some of the city’s attractions. The city has several world-class resorts, hotels, beaches and diving spots. It also contains some of the most devastating areas of poverty in the world. Cebu City is the capital of Cebu Province and the second largest city in the Philippines after Manila. I still feel at home in the city and lived in the city before I built my house in the rural province of Cebu on the Camotes Islands. Cebu is a mixture of old and new, rich and poor, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. There is also a mixture of clean and very dirty or dull. The rule for everyone who comes to Cebu for the first time is not to judge.

My first trip to Cebu was in February 2004. I went to the Philippines to meet a girl (Judith), now my wife. I flew to Cebu Maktan airport, and I was greeted by Judith and one of her sisters. My flight started in Florida, and the last stop on it was from Hong Kong. Cebu International Airport is a bit dated but very functional. Once outside the airport gates, I saw waves of people waiting to meet people leaving Hong Kong. When I arrived, the airport was not very busy and I think my plane was the only one arriving flight at the time. When people on my flight passed through the airport gates, they were bombarded with shuttles, taxis and greetings for hire. I met Judith right at the airport gate. She, her sister and I got in an old Kia taxi and headed to my hotel.

The taxi was old and not very well maintained. The air conditioning did not work and the window did not go down. Of course it didn’t matter because I couldn’t close the door because the door latch was broken. So I have a lot of air. The hotel was about 30 minutes away from the airport. Walking through the streets of the city, I saw crowded sidewalks, which became even busier because of the many street vendors and vendors. Some of the roads we were driving were in poor condition while others were in very poor condition.

After only a few minutes of travel, I decided that the most dangerous vehicles in Cebu were jeepneys, taxis and, finally, a motorcycle. Jeep drivers tend to dominate the road and stop on both sides of the road to pick up or drop off passengers. I saw many jeepneys cut both lanes to drop people off, and then saw others quickly swerving to the side of the road to block traffic so the driver could jump out of the jeep and get to the side of the road to urinate. Taxis are no better, but pose a little less threat because the cars are smaller than the jeep. Motorcycles are dangerous only for the driver and passengers, as well as for anyone who walks on the road or sidewalk. Motorcycles create their own lanes on the small side of the road or sometimes cross the dividing line drawn as a narrow carriageway to create an additional lane. Sometimes I’ve seen motorcycles swing on sidewalks around pedestrians. However, the pedestrians did not seem to care about recklessness, and they continued their journey.

Continuing the way to the hotel, we passed through many areas of the city. Some areas were very old and the buildings looked as if they were ready for demolition many years ago. Many of the buildings and facades are concrete with plywood or corrugated steel sheets added to broken windows, and steel bars covering the windows, or plywood. I can’t imagine how much steel rods would cost, given that the buildings were so bad. I was sure the content was no better. I saw some small shop windows with a large open widow covered in wire mesh. These little shops are the size of a small closet, and there are dozens of these little ones on every street. They are called sari-sari shops and sell only a few products such as canned fish, rice, snacks, cigarettes, etc. Most of these small shops are attached to the facades of private houses and are largely made of unpainted plywood and tin roofs. Most sari-sari shops block the pavement, forcing people to cross the road to bypass the protruding plywood box.

The only thing that struck me when I drove past all these places in a taxi was that all the people seemed happy. Despite what I considered to be great poverty and terrible living conditions, these people, or at least many people, were happy. Although most of the people I saw were running on the sidewalks doing their daily routine. I thought these people were doing the same thing as everyone else in all the big cities in the world. However, my first visit to Cebu opened my eyes to the fact that the city at least suffers from poverty or has a large population living in poverty.

After about 30 minutes of taxi ride we arrived in a much more beautiful part of the city and this beautiful hotel and a large modern shopping mall next to it, as well as some large modern manicured hotels, represented an oasis in the midst of poverty. Height climbing buildings. The scene was very different from the old quarters of the city. This area is in all modern American cities and is very similar to the commercial district of the American city. The area is called Ayala Business Park and Ayala Shopping Center. It is a modern city of Cebu and it is all you will find in any modern city.

Once at the Marriott Hotel, I stayed in a very beautiful room and we all went to the dining room for a wonderful lunch. Soon after, when her sister returned home, only Judith and I were left. Judith then took me through the park to the Ayala Shopping Centre, which is only a five-minute walk away, and once inside the mall, I was amazed. The stores were the same as in the U.S., Ace Hardware, Levi’s, MacDonald’s and so on. In addition, several Philippine department stores and many types of restaurants and cafes. All employees and vendors spoke English, and almost all Filipinos who shop spoke English. Others used a mixture of English and native kebuano. All store signs are written in English and the restaurant’s menu is in English. In many ways, I felt as if I had just arrived from Florida for more than 20 hours in an American city.

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