Types and Uses of Electronic Display Boards

Electronic display (ED) boards commonly use LED to pass important messages to people. They can be use for indoor and outdoor purposes. ED boards are commonly used by banks, stock market, foreign exchange centers, hotels, hospitals, airports, bus and train stations, and other major facilities.

There are many types of ED boards that will suit every need. They come in different font sizes and colors. There are single, bi-line, and multi-line electronic display boards for different levels of messaging needs. These ED’s can run at a variety of speed.

ED boards are often used as clocks in airports, stations, and other facilities where time is a major factor. Some even displays the day, month, year, and as temperature display board in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Banks and government offices use electronic display boards as counters. Tellers and employees don’t have to call out loud anymore just to let people know which number they are serving next because the number can be seen on the electronic display.

Money changers from different areas of the city use electronic display boards to show foreign currency rates. These are multi-line display boards to show currency rates of many major countries. The electronic display boards used by money changers are almost similar to those used by the stock exchange centers. The LEDs used are usually red in color.

These boards can also contain audio and video contents. These types are commonly seen mounted on buildings, inside an arena, or used as billboards.

Electronic display boards can contain almost anything and can be used or placed almost anywhere. They can offer lots of possibilities when it comes to spreading messages.


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